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The Sun Will Come Out


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PICTURES: ~Rainy NYC as soon as I walked out of the Business Summit & Brian Smith, Founder of Uggs, & I

Yesterday I attended the Small Business Summit in NYC. I had a great day filled with so much information my head was spinning. As I was headed for the door to leave I noticed that Brian Smith, my favorite speaker of the day, was still there. I have been going to as many conventions, seminars, & workshops I can find. Unlike most of the business owners I have heard speak in the last few months he was the first one that seemed to put faith in following your gut, the power of the universe, and karma. The founder of UGG Boots is a doll and a very sweet guy!! Can you believe it?!  Him taking the time to listen to me talk about Top Notch was the cherry on top! It was refreshing, so as I left I was in a really great mood!

It was sprinkling, but I love NYC at night so I decided to walk. After about 5 blocks, the rain really started to come down!  I jumped into a cab and much to my surprise I ended up with the elusive "friendly New York cabbie!" Though rare and thought to be extinct there he was, super chatty and polite. Could the end of my long day get any better?? ummmmm yeah.. I looked at the meter and realized it was double what it should be for the 10 block drive and we were driving down one of the busiest avenues into traffic. Still assuming the best I nicely pointed out the error and my lovely cab driver suddenly got really quiet. He turned down the next street and I assumed things were back on track. Ummmmm NO! That's when I noticed we were 6 Blocks passed where we should be. That is when I could feel my amazing mood quickly start to slip away. I threw the door open, tossed money over the seat as I questioned how he slept at night an ran into the rain. I tried to ignore that my new little black flats had turned into sponges in the puddles and that I didn't wear a jacket or bring an umbrella. Trying to salvage what I could out of how I had felt just 20 minutes before, I started running a sort of mantra in my head. You love the city... you had a good day....the founder of UGG took the time to listen to you beam about Top Notch.... I Iove the city... I love the city... I love the city..... OMMMMM....Breathe...

Ok, I am fine... Then I get checked into a pole while waiting for the light to change.. I spin around, about to let my Puerto Rican New Yorker loose on this rude guy when the gentleman next to me puts the umbrella he is carrying over my head and says "I don't mind sharing" and smiles...As I look at this stranger who is now standing in the rain I gasp and "Awwwww" so loudly that everyone around us is now watching us like a movie. If we hadn't been in New York I would have squeezed him in a bear hug but I controlled myself.. Squeezed his arm, gave him a summary of my cab and rain fiasco and proclaimed to everyone in earshot that "Sometimes the universe gives you exactly what you need, EXACTLY when you need it"!!  Told him his chivalry was appreciated and thanked him for fixing things... All of the negative nonsense melted away and I walked the remaining 4 blocks in the pouring rain with a smile on my face!

So when things just don't look that bright and you are standing in a puddle soaked to the bone, remember that just one positive thing can turn things totally around...

Hold open a door... smile at a stranger (without being creepy!! LOL) or share your umbrella... you never know how much that simple gesture may totally "fix things" for someone!!

Thank you to my Knight with the umbrella...





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